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How to advertise on the Ukulele Market...
It's easy!

You need to send us five things:
1.   Pictures of the instrument
Jpeg format, not too large.  We can usually improve the brightness/contrast etc and crop them to look good on the page.  Send a good overall view and close-ups of any interesting details.
A basic 5 listing allows you two photographs, a standard 10 listing, up to six.
Your photos will be low-res on the site, but don't forget you can send further larger pictures to anyone who makes an enquiry.

TIP: Don't use jaunty angles! Your photos will be cropped rectangular. Diagonal placing of the uke just results in lots of wasted space! Nobody wants to see your carpet/bedspread/sofa!

NOTE: By sending your photographs to us, you give Andy Eastwood implicit permission to publish said photographs online, on this website and elsewhere, both to promote your own advert, and the Ukulele Market page in general. Please do not send any photo that you are not willing to have shared around without credit.

2.   Description of the instrument
Please be honest about the condition, or there will be complaints from the buyer!  If you wish to send rough notes, fine - we can spice them up and make the description read well, as long as the necessary info is there.
*Include your approximate location, in case people wish to view/collect!

3.   Price
Bear in mind that internet buyers are shrewd!  An overpriced instrument will not sell.  We can often make a recommendation having seen the photos/description, so please ask if unsure.  The price will be exclusive of shipping and we will state on the advert 'Buyer to collect or pay shipping from <wherever you live>' unless otherwise instructed by you.  Remember that your ad will be seen globally - the majority of our customers are in the UK, USA and Europe, so give prices in whatever currencies you wish.

4.   Contact details
Please give contact details as you wish them to appear on the site.  If you like to keep your phone number private, don't give it - 90% of people who look at the site will favour e-mail anyway, so an e-mail address is highly recommended!

5.   Administration fee
This is to cover the cost of resources and internet time.  It's only a one-off fee, and your advert will stay on the site until you inform us that it is no longer needed.  The fee also helps to discourage timewasters from advertising junk, so we maintain a certain standard of quality!

BASIC LISTING 5 (or $7.50 US)
-Simple text description and two photographs
STANDARD LISTING 10 (or $12.50 US)
-Description, up to eight photos and a link to your own pictures or video if required

We accept Paypal to the address below, or cheques (GB - payable to
Andy Eastwood, at PO Box 1402, Blackpool, FY1 9PL)
Please pay this small fee, because it's time-consuming work to set up your web-page.  We do it as a service to the ukulele community, but we don't want to be out of pocket!

When you have sent these five things, we'll advertise your instrument. 
There are always a few ukes in the queue, so expect it to take a week or so.
We'll let you know when your advert is done, and on seeing it,
if there is something that you wish to change or add, let us know and it will be done as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Adding further photos after your original listing is posted is subject to a further basic fee!
Where to send your uke details:
The address for Ukulele Market adverts and Paypal payments is:

The address to send your info to.

Please remember:
-We take no commission, and we don't interfere in the transaction between you and your buyer.
-If we still haven't received the administration fee within a week of putting the ad on the site, it'll be removed.
-And one very important rule...  Please let us know when the instrument is sold, so that we can remove the advert!  It's very disappointing for someone to respond to an advert only to find that the uke has already gone!  We appreciate your co-operation and wish you a speedy sale!
Note: The above guidelines depict the normal manner in which the 'Ukulele Market' feature of this website is intended to function.
This is a friendly service offered for the benefit of the global 'ukulele comunity'. However, Andy Eastwood will accept no legal obligation to perform the services described above,
regardless of whether a fee is paid, and notwithstanding the above guidelines Andy Eastwood reserves the right to refuse the advertisement of any item, or to remove an advertisement at any time.
Your submission of an advertisement will be taken as your acceptance of the guidelines on this page.
All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

If you'd like to be informed each time new additions are made to the Ukulele Market page, e-mail:


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