Andy Eastwood


Track listing...

   1.  Leaning On A Lamp Post
        The first of six songs on this album made famous by the great comic
        entertainer George Formby, who to this day remains the world's best
        known ukulele virtuoso. 
My thanks to Pat and Les Moore for the loan of George Formby's own Gibson banjo-uke, which I used for this track -
        the very instrument on which George played this number!


2.  Here Comes The Sun
        A favourite Beatles song from the 'Abbey Road' album, written by George
        Harrison - himself an avid ukulele enthusiast and a George Formby fan.


3.  Misty (instrumental)
        An Errol Garner classic which has long been a standard of the jazz repertoire.

4.  I Told My Baby With My Ukulele
        A 'ukulele serenade' from the early days of George Formby's career.

5.  You Don't Need A Licence For That
        From George Formby's 1946 film 'George In Civvy Street'.

6.  When I'm Cleaning Windows
        The song from 1936 that made George Formby a superstar.

7.  We Have All The Time In The World
        Originally recorded by Louis Armstrong for the film 'On Her Majesty's
        Secret Service'.

8.  They Laughed When I Started To Play
        Another helping of Formby humour.

9.  I'd Like A Dream Like That
        A lesser-known Formby number from the film 'I Didn't Do It'.

 10.  That'll Be The Day
        The first major hit for rock 'n' roll pioneer Buddy Holly.

11.  Moonlight Serenade (instrumental)
        Theme tune of the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

12.  True Love Ways
        Another classic by the great Buddy Holly.

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