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Shellard Supreme ukulele-banjo SOLD!
A lovely Shellard Supreme - a fine example of the craftsmanship of Richard Shellard. This instrument is included in ‘Banjos: The Tsmura Collection’ and listed as ‘maker unknown’ - well excuse me!

Shellard ukulele banjo - in case

Here’s an older video of me playing Ukulelezaza’s rendition of ‘Shine’.
Sadly this uke was missing the tailpiece cover when I acquired it. Other than that it is fantastic to look at, bright and lively to play. Contact me for additional photos or to answer any questions. It’d be nice to see this Shellard back in the UK where it was born and raised!

1125 through PayPal please in U.S. dollars ($1536). I’m an experienced international shipper and have several banjo-ukes in the UK and EU sold through Andy’s website. Insured shipping to both UK and EU for $95. Thanks for looking, -

Shellard ukulele banjo - front

Shellard ukulele banjo - back

Shellard ukulele banjo - side

Shellard ukulele banjo - peghead

Shellard ukulele banjo - claim to fame

1125 SOLD! (2022)

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