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Ron Spiers Ukulele-Banjo WITHDRAWN FROM SALE

A beautiful Ron Spiers banjo-uke, based on the famous Ludwig 'Wendell Hall' model. You will know that Ron Spiers ukes have been described as masterpieces of craftsmanship, and they really are beautifully made. They are also extremely rare, and I have never seen another Wendell Hall copy by Ron.
I have just fitted a new vellum, and since the photos were taken, also a new set of strings.
The uke was made in June 1989, and it is in pretty good condition for a uke which has recently had its 28th birthday. However, it does have the odd blemish here and there and in particular, one or two small places where the plating has lifted. Nevertheless, a very desirable instrument.

Ron Spiers ukulele banjo - front

Ron Spiers ukulele banjo - peghead

Ron Spiers ukulele banjo - frets

Ron Spiers ukulele banjo - pegs

Ron Spiers ukulele banjo - side

Ron Spiers ukulele banjo - back

Ron Spiers ukulele banjo - detail


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