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Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' Soprano Ukulele

An early uke - about 1926. Flamed Cuban mahogany, with poplar neck and bridge, all original. Violin-style wooden pegs (I suspect not original after 90 years; they work ok!) Weight about 235 grammes.

Hawaiian style - no fingerboard, 12th fret is the body join.

A solid example of the ukulele endorsed by American radio star of the 20s/30s, Wendell Hall; made by Regal of Chicago. Who needs an expensive Martin?

Sweet, bright, loud, resonant and clear. Minimal fingerboard wear. Neck straight, plays well. No sign of cracks/movement other than in the decoration around the sound hole, where the inner ring has shrunk slightly.

Bad points:
Soundhole decal is torn and 60% missing, but definitely original.
12th fret is missing. (It actually plays off the body here fine, but would be nice to replace with original fretwire).
Whilst all original, it is a little asymmetric, presumably from the bridge being placed to line up with the neck.
Integral saddle is low - it has a wooden section wedged behind which has raised it slightly and is perfect for my playing now.
Minor scrapes, scratches and scuffs, commensurate with its age. The photos show it well (larger resolution images available by email) - it hasn't been titivated for sale.

New Soprano Aquila strings. I've rubbed some areas with soft wire wool (some frets, but haven't done them all) to remove dirt, but haven't waxed or polished it so expect the flaming to show a little better with some further care and attention. Marks on the side that look like a long crack are part of the grain - same on both sides.

I have another Regal of the same age - not a 'Red Head' (slightly different sound hole decoration) and wanted to find one of these. But it plays so similarly that I can't keep both.
Equally happy to keep this and sell the non-Wendell Hall Regal - which has non-original plastic friction tuners. Same weight. Additional green in the sound hole mosaic, perfect sticker.

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke - body

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke - side

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke - peghead

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke - pegs

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke - body

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke

Regal Wendell Hall 'Red Head' soprano uke - back

225 ONO

Buyer to collect or pay shipping/insurance from West Sussex/Surrey (UK).

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