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Red Riding Hood

Kristina Castellina as Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood - Pantomime Season 2008

Kristina Castellina as Red Riding Hood

Forum 28, Barrow-In-Furness / Artrix Theatre, Bromsgrove


For the 2008/9 panto season Andy played Muddles in Duggie Chapman's production of Red Riding Hood at the Forum 28, Barrow-In-Furness and the Artrix Theatre, Bromsgrove...

The villagers of Merryville live in fear of the big bad King Wolf, and to make matters worse, the nasty old Witch Grotbags is in cahoots with him! Only the mystical golden axe can harm the King Wolf... but the dizzy old Wizard-of-Never-Woz has forgotten where he left it!
The Prince has chosen Red Riding Hood as his Carnival Queen, but the Witch and the Wolf have other ideas... If only Muddles and his friends can find that axe before the wolf reaches Granny's cottage!

Andy Eastwood stars as Muddles

Andy Eastwood

Pete Lindup stars as Granny Hood

Pete Lindup

Kristina Castellina stars as Red Riding Hood

Kristina Castellina

Starring Andy Eastwood as Muddles
Pete Lindup as Granny
Kristina Castellina as Red Riding Hood
Raife Sykes as Prince
John Emms as the Squire
Claire Scorer as the Vegetable Fairy
Gayle Dennis as Grotbags
Andy Pierce as the Bailiff
Andrew Smith as the Wolf
Tony Leyton as the Wizard...

With the Paul Weft duo and
local choruses from
Imperial School of Dance (Barrow)
and Spirals Dance Academy (Bromsgrove)

Claire Scorer stars as the Vegetable Fairy

Claire Scorer


Forum 28, Barrow-In-Furness: 17/12/08 1pm - 18/12/08 1pm - 19/12/08 7pm - 20/12/08 1pm & 5pm - 21/12/08 2pm - 22/12/08 1pm & 5pm - 23/12/08 1pm & 5pm - 24/12/08 10am & 1.30pm - 27/12/08 1pm & 5pm - 28/12/08 1pm & 5pm - 29/12/08 1pm & 5pm - 30/12/08 2pm BOX OFFICE: 01229 820000

Artrix Theatre, Bromsgrove: 2/1/09 2pm & 7pm - 3/1/09 2pm & 7pm - 4/1/09 3pm - 5/1/09 6.30pm - 6/1/09 6.30pm - 7/1/09 6.30pm BOX OFFICE: 01527 577330


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