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Martin 'Ditson' Style 2 Soprano Ukulele, 1922 SOLD!
The much sought-after Martin style 2 is a superb instrument, and here is one with a special attraction for collectors - the Ditson name stamp!

Chas & Oliver Ditson were the first dealers on the East Coast of the USA to start selling ukes when the instrument's popularity spread outside of Hawaii just over a hundred years ago. They ordered ukuleles for their stores from the great CF Martin & Company, who had already the best part of a century's experience building guitars, and were now conquering the ukulele market too, with their beautifully crafted mahogany and koa soprano ukes.

In 1922, Oliver Ditson's Boston store ordered 12 style 2 ukes from Martin, and a further 33 the following year. However the style of Grover tuning pegs on this uke, match 1922 specifications, whereas the company switched to Grover style-76 pegs in '23, suggesting that this is one of the earliest. This dating is backed up by the fact that in 1923 the Martin name stamp replaced the 'Ditson' inside the soundhole.

Beautiful condition, with no cracks or scratches, probably very little played in its 97 years. Wonderful, powerful tone, typical of Martins of this vintage. Mahogany construction, rosewood fingerboard with striking grain pattern, bar frets, spring-loaded Grover pegs with ivoroid buttons, all original, and complete with modern hard case. A rare, historic instrument in glorious condition.

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - in case

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - in case

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - peghead

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - pegs

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - pegs

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - name stamp

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - back

Martin Ditson style 2 ukulele - neck

1150 SOLD! (2019)

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