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       The instrument below is offered for sale by a private individual, and is the responsibility of its owner.

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KoAloha concert ukulele

KoAloha ukulele - front

KoAloha concert uke in solid Koa, made in 2013. This ukulele has an incredibly sweet sound, is loud and resonant. No marks or scratches etc, apart from some wear in the fretboard in first position. These are about 1200 to buy now......if you can get one.

KoAloha ukulele - front

KoAloha ukulele - back

KoAloha ukulele - peghead

KoAloha ukulele - pegs

KoAloha ukulele - frets


Buyer to collect or pay postage from Clacton address (UK).

Enquiries: email Chris (or mobile 07765 872000)

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