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Kiwaya Concert Ukulele

I am offering my Kiwaya concert KC1 for sale.
I bought it about 7 years ago from a well known English ukulele store, and played it for about 3 or 4 years.

The reason for selling: I changed to soprano and do not play the Kiwaya any more. It's a pity to see this beautiful instrument hanging on the wall without being played.

The Kiwaya is a top class instrument, sounding great, weighing very little, easy to play, perfect intonation and action.
All in all a perfect instrument that has the quality of the old Martins.
As you can see on the pictures there is very little damage: only a few minor scratches on the back of the headstock and on the underside of the body. I live in the Netherlands; you are always welcome to come and give it a try!
The ukulele comes with a sturdy and well padded travel case.

I am asking 500 Euro for it, which is, at the current (April 2020) exchange rate, 440; shipping not included.

Kiwaya ukulele - in case

Kiwaya ukulele - front

Kiwaya ukulele - back

Kiwaya ukulele - peghead

Kiwaya ukulele - damage

Kiwaya ukulele - pegs

Kiwaya ukulele - label

Kiwaya ukulele - front detail

€500 (c. 440)

Buyer to collect or pay shipping/insurance from Netherlands address.

Enquiries - E-mail Peter:

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