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Keech tenor banjulele SOLD!

Rare vintage tenor Keech banjo-uke, c. late 1920s.
Beech hoop and resonator with maple veneer. Wood purfling.
Calf skin vellum in good shape. New maple bridge.
Walnut and maple neck with ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay.
Pearl position markers. New bone nut.
The neck has been reset to a better angle.
All hardware original, except the thumbscrew for attaching the
resonator at the heel has been replaced with a modern chrome-plated
strap button. This has also been moved from its original position as it
looks like the thumbscrew has snapped off in the heel, so the resonator is slightly offset.
Some damage to bottom of resonator. Also I have moved the position
of the resonator attachments, as the wood was split in the original
Fully restored and in great playing condition, strung with Aquila
nylgut concert uke strings, tuned down to Bb.
Can include the original case if wanted although it has literally come
to pieces and is beyond repair, but could be used as a template for a

Demo video: Keech Tenor banjulele (

Keech banjulele - front

Keech banjulele - back

Scale length 17" 340mm
Vellum 8.5" 215mm
Nut 1.5" 38mm
Body 10.25 " 260mm
Resonator 11" 280mm
Depth with resonator 3.25" 85mm
Quite heavy! 2.7kg, nearly 6 pounds.

Keech banjulele - peghead

Keech banjulele - inside back

Keech banjulele - body

Keech banjulele - side

250 SOLD! (2024)

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