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Keech ukulele-banjo SOLD!

Original Keech 'banjulele' from the 1920s, offered as a nice 'restoration project' because it needs a little TLC. The condition is almost playable - it only requires a vellum and bridge to be ready for action (the current vellum is split) but it would also benefit from a bit of further tidying up, as the pictures show.

Keech banjulele - front

Keech banjulele - back

Keech banjulele - peghead

The Hawaiian Keech brothers patented the banjulele in 1917, and popularised it with their performances and publications, therefore their instruments are
historically interesting as well as being nice to play!

Keech banjulele - pegs

Keech banjulele - heel

65 SOLD! (2018)

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