I Didn't Do It - George Formby's 1945 film on DVD

I Didn't Do It

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I Didn't Do It - George Formby (1945)
'I Didn't Do It' is a comedy thriller starring George Formby, made by Columbia Pictures in 1945...

The plot races along and the laughs come thick and fast in this, George's penultimate picture. After a decade of experience in hit movies, George's confidence and slickness make this one of his finest performances on film; in particular the songs The Daring Young Man and I'd Like A Dream Like That and George's scene with the psychiatrist stand out as superb moments.
George is well supported by an excellent script and a strong cast of genuine variety artists who 'play themselves'.
Unfortunately, the release of this film coincided with a temporary lapse in George's popularity. Having made Britain
laugh throughout the war years, George was now out of favour (as was Churchill) as people tried to put the war
years behind them and look to the future. The film's 'A' certificate also stifled its success somewhat and it received
second billing at the cinema, despite being one of George's best pictures.

With this long-awaited official DVD release, you can own I Didn't Do It to enjoy in the comfort of your own living room!



I Didn't Do It


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