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Gibson UB2 ukulele-banjo

Original Gibson UB2 banjo-uke, late 1920s vintage, from the collection of Dennis Mitchell, who was MC and
Chairman of the George Formby Society. The current listings are the last instruments from his collection to be sold.

Gibson ukulele banjo - front

Gibson ukulele banjo - in case

The case still bears Dennis's name tag and recognition sticker,
and there is a label attached to the peghead showing that he had the
instrument tuned in E-flat.
Some slight fretboard wear, 1st and 4th strings broken,
but otherwise in great shape!
Unopened brown packet containing spare 1st and 4th strings included.

Gibson ukulele banjo - side

Gibson ukulele banjo - frets

Gibson ukulele banjo - peghead

Gibson ukulele banjo - pegs

Gibson ukulele banjo - back

1150 ONO

Buyer to collect or pay postage from Huddersfield address (will post within UK only).

Enquiries: email Dave Mitchell

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