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Gibson UB2 'deluxe' ukulele-banjo SOLD!

1920s vintage Gibson ukulele-banjo - this sunburst model with diamond inlays is often referred to as a UB2 'Deluxe' or 'Baby' UB3.

3/4" scale, 8" pot, all original hardware and very good finish. Good older vellum head.
New Worth CL fluorocarbon strings and a new set of Brightones included as well; vintage bridge.
Overall this classic Gibson is in very good condition.
Some rusting on hooks (see photos) and minor dimples in outside veneer (see photos) but no veneer cracks.
Cracks are fairly common on this model and vintage, so it is a treat to find one in solid shape.
This Gibson comes with an original stiff-canvas-like ‘suicide’ case - great for home use, but I’d recommend a case upgrade if you plan to tote it about!
The wings on the tailpiece had to be straightened and some indication of the repair shows, but it is fully functional.
I'm an experienced seller on Andy’s Marketplace and an experienced overseas shipper.
Please write me for more photos and any questions... Thanks for looking!

Gibson UB2 ukulele-banjo - front

Gibson UB2 ukulele-banjo - back

PayPal in US Dollars please - $1695 - (That’s 1230 - at current exchange) plus $85 (61) for shipping to UK/EU.

Total plus shipping - US $1780. Other destinations ask for a quote.

- Corey

Gibson UB2 ukulele-banjo - back

Gibson UB2 ukulele-banjo - peghead

Gibson UB2 ukulele-banjo - pegs

Gibson UB2 ukulele-banjo - tailpiece

$1695 US / 1230 GBP SOLD! (2021)

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