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Gibson UB2 deluxe ukulele-banjo SOLD!

1920s Gibson UB2 sunburst 'deluxe' - (sometimes referred to as a 'small resonator UB3'). The instrument is in what I'd describe as original / unrestored condition. You'll see from the photos that the nickel plating has a nice patina to it and the wood is still in very good condition - no cracks, splits or repairs.

Fingerboard is also in excellent condition with absolute minimum wear. I've owned the instrument for around 8 years now and it has been well cared for and well played while in my possession. The sound it produces is wonderfully bright, clear and loud, and the instrument has recently had a vellum change. A full refurbishment would make it look like new, but you could happily keep it exactly as it is, after all it's now over 90 years old! Comes with a non-original hard case (quite old).
Collection only.

Gibson UB2 banjo-uke - front

Gibson UB2 banjo-uke - back

Gibson UB2 banjo-uke - peghead 

Gibson UB2 banjo-uke - frets

Gibson UB2 banjo-uke - side

Gibson UB2 banjo-uke - side

1350 SOLD! (2018)

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