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Dallas 'C' ukulele-banjo SOLD!

Dallas 'George Formby' banjo-uke, a late example from the end of their production run.

Very similar to the earlier model 'C' but with more decorative metal spacers replacing the plain flange of the older examples.

Lovely sunburst finish, and all in very nice condition, well looked-after.

Plating is also in good order, and the fingerboard excellent.

The buttons on the tuning pegs are cracked (see picture) but stable, and working fine. (It's easy to replace pegs - but these are the originals and you will probably want to retain them as the damage is minor!)

There is no serial number on the peghead but '3756' can be found inside.

Original case included, in lovely condition - looks very smart. Tie-on strap included in the case.

Dallas 'George Formby' ukulele-banjo - front

Dallas 'George Formby' ukulele-banjo - side

Dallas 'George Formby' ukulele-banjo - back

Dallas 'George Formby' ukulele-banjo - pegs

Dallas 'George Formby' ukulele-banjo - peghead

Dallas 'George Formby' ukulele-banjo - frets

Dallas 'George Formby' ukulele-banjo - tailpiece

325 SOLD! (2017)

Buyer to collect or pay shipping/insurance from Midlands address (UK). Delivery possible if within reach.

Enquiries: please email Andy

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