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Dallas 'D' ukulele-banjo SOLD!

A Dallas model 'D' banjo-uke, serial no. D/1710, in reasonably good condition.

It is all 'original' but for the strings and bridge and still has the original Jos Rogers vellum with the George Formby printed signature.

It has been played plenty but very well cared for, so the fret board and frets have very little wear although they might benefit from slight end dressing. The plating is still bright, with no pitting and the woodwork is good, with just a small chip in the head and a few light scuffs on the resonator. The friction pegs are still good and hold tuning.

It has its original case, which is still usable, with its blue interior still reasonable and its catches in working order although externally it shows signs of its age and is not in as good condition as the instrument.

Dallas D banjolele - front

Dallas D banjolele - back

650 SOLD! (2018)

Buyer to collect or pay shipping/insurance from South Staffordshire (UK).

Enquiries: E-mail Brian

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