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Claughton ukulele-banjo WITHDRAWN FROM SALE

Banjo-uke made by John Claughton, based on the style of an Abbott Monarch but with the keyhole-shaped cut-outs.

It's a really stunning, beautiful instrument, in great condition.
The only slight issue is that some of the gold nuts on the tension hooks have been replaced with plain ones at some point, but you can't really see this unless you take the resonator off.

Recent set up by Eddie Uttley, with a new vellum fitted.

Claughton ukulele-banjo - front

Claughton ukulele-banjo - back

Claughton ukulele-banjo - pegs

Claughton ukulele-banjo - back

Claughton ukulele-banjo - side

Claughton ukulele-banjo - in case


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