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BRING ME SUNSHINE Track notes continued...
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
From the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, this must be one of Bacharach and David's finest songs. The original BJ Thomas record has an instantly recognisable ukulele intro, and it was simply that which prompted me to put the song into my cabaret routine one night. I soon realised how popular it is - it's one of those songs that just about everyone seems to know.

Swimmin' With The Wimmin
Another comic song, this time from the George Formby songbook.

Limehouse Blues/Alabamy Bound/Alabama Jubilee
Alabamy Bound was originally introduced by Al Jolson but it was a superb 1944 Cliff Edwards recording that inspired me to cover it. Alabama Jubilee, by the giant of ragtime George L Cobb, seemed an obvious choice to go with it. But Limehouse Blues found its way into the arrangement by accident; whilst trying out the other two songs on the piano, I absent-mindedly found myself playing Limehouse Blues, probably because the chord sequence is the same as Alabamy Bound and its rhythm matches Alabama Jubilee! So I put them together and I hope you'll agree they go well!

Classical Gas
When Mason Williams wrote this famous guitar number in 1968, he meant it as 'fuel' for the classical guitar repertoire (that is, 'gas' as in gasoline). Since then however, the piece has taken on a life of its own, and has been covered countless times in all sorts of guises, so I'm sure Mr Williams won't object to my using the Stratocaster for this version!

I Only Have Eyes For You
There are so many 1930s classics that sound great on the ukulele, it's hard to choose. I first considered this song for my Ukulele Mania album, but I dropped it in favour of Isn't This A Lovely Day. So when starting work on Bring Me Sunshine, I recorded this track first, to ensure it wouldn't be left out again!

Happy Days Are Here Again
I love a song with an optimistic message, and they don't get much cheerier than this one! This is a remix/remaster of the Ukulele Mania version.

Somethin' Stupid
By way of a contrast between two 'fast and furious' tracks, here's my ukulele version of a famous Sinatra song. The only previously-released track on the album, this first appeared on Ukulele Mania.

Lover/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Perry Botkin (Snr) is one of my musical heroes. In a long and varied career he played guitar for Bing Crosby and provided the music for the Beverly Hillbillies. But he was also one of the first artists to make records of melody-style solos on the ukulele. These two songs were two sides of such a record so I medleyed them in tribute to him.

Andy Eastwood, October 2007

From the album artwork




Andy Eastwood
Vocals, ukulele, violin, ukulele-banjo, guitar,
keyboards, bass, drums, percussion
Robin Smith Trumpet, flugelhorn
Sid Tanner
Alto sax, tenor sax, flute
Chris Dean

Arranged & Produced by Andy Eastwood
Mastered by
Dave Blackman

Thanks also to Walt & Chris Eastwood,
Tracy James and Pete Lindup



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