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BRING ME SUNSHINE Andy's track notes...
When You're Smiling/Bring Me Sunshine
I'd like this album to be a good representation of my live act, so I chose to open with these two classic songs because they sum up what my shows are all about - they're bright and breezy songs with a high feel-good factor. This opening medley also introduces my the superb musicians who backed me on this album - featuring a great trombone solo from Chris Dean with Sid tanner jamming on tenor sax. Completing the front line on trumpet is Robin Smith, who did some great work with me on the We'll Meet Again album a couple of years ago.

Fiddlin' Cowboy
This song came about because I wanted a number in which I could play the violin and sing. When I wrote it I was working with the great Ken Dodd, and he very kindly contributed a couple of lines to the lyric!

I've always been a Buddy Holly fan. When he first released Everyday it was just a B-side, but now it must rank highly among the world's most popular songs. On stage I perform it with guitar but for the CD version I have overdubbed violin and uke as well. In fact I have made the most of the 24-track studio throughout the album, so on most of the tracks you will hear me multitracking ukes, violin tracks, banjos and guitars, vocals, bass, drums and keyboards. And if you listen carefully you will notice a bit of washboard later on too!

Leaning On A Lamp Post
It's hard to believe but it's 70 years since George Formby first recorded this, his biggest hit. So that was a good excuse - as if I needed one - to record a new version! As the keen ukulele maniacs will know, I am the lucky owner of the Gibson banjo-uke that Formby used for his very last screen performance of this song, so naturally, that is the instrument you will hear on this track.

Singin' In The Bathtub
Anyone who has ever seen my act will know that I always like to throw in a few comedy songs. This is one of my favourites, and if you listen to the CD in the bath, I hope you will sing along.

Monti's celebrated Czardas is one of the most popular showpieces in the violin repertoire. From the very first time I performed it on stage, people have been asking me to make a recording, so here it is!

From the album artwork

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