Brightone ukulele-banjo strings

Brightone banjolele strings

Per set: 4.50
Postage 1.50 - We ship worldwide!

For over fifteen years we supplied these strings under the name 'Cleartone' ukulele strings, but during that time, we came across three other companies using the same name!
As a result, and also due to the fact that our strings have become so loved by banjo-uke players, we have re-branded as 'Brightone Banjolele Strings'.
These strings are used professionally by Andy Eastwood and are favoured by many other expert banjo-uke players, the world over. Treat your uke to a set today!

Quality strings suitable for the ukulele-banjo in 'C' or 'D' tuning...
Also recommended for soprano or concert ukulele.
Premium grade nylon, highly recommended for tone and feel.

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