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Ronnie Ronalde - 'The Voice of Variety'





Ronnie Ronalde - 'The Voice of Variety'


Ronnie performing 'In A Monastery Garden'



This show was a celebration of RONNIE RONALDE'S 80th birthday, and toured thirty venues around Britain in the spring of 2003. It was Ronnie's first British tour since the 1970s and a rare treat for his British fans as he now lives 'Down Under'.

Ronnie was one of the world's biggest stars in the 1950s and having found fame and fortune on the variety stage, it was only fitting that the show should take the form of a traditional variety bill. Comedy impressionist Steve Barclay, multi-instrumentalist Andy Eastwood, personality vocalist Siobhan Phillips, star ventriloquist Ken Wood and singer/compere Tony Leyton paid tribute to great stars of the past before Ronnie topped off the show with a selection of his legendary hits, such as In A Monastery Garden, If I Were A Blackbird and Bells Across A Meadow.



RONNIE RONALDE with Andy Eastwood, Steve Barclay, Ken Wood, Siobhan Phillips. Compere: Tony Leyton Musical Director: David Carter Percussion: Phil Jeffery Company Manager: Spencer K Gibbins

Andy Eastwood, Ronnie Ronalde


Ronnie on stage



Ronnie and Andy at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool





  Andy Eastwood, Steve Barclay

Andy Eastwood, Tony Leyton, Ronnie Ronalde


Andy Eastwood and Steve Barclay at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft


Andy, Tony and Ronnie on the last night of the tour



Siobhan Phillips

Ken Wood


Singer Siobhan Phillips



Ken Wood and Galloping Claude (not in that order)




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