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Danny La Rue




Danny La Rue


A Night at the Music Hall - starring Danny La Rue - poster 2004

The Danny La Rue Show

Andy has toured Britain three times with the Danny La Rue show. La Rue, one of the world's best known and most successful female impersonators, is a true veteran of variety and always insists on a first-class bill of supporting acts.

The first two tours, in 2002 and 2003 were produced by Duggie Chapman under the title The Good Olde Days and co-starred comedian Adam Daye, vocalists Beryl Johnson and Tony Leyton, and the award-winning illusion act Safire. Having become a favourite with Danny's regular fans, Andy was delighted to then be asked by producer Derek Grant to tour again with La Rue in his 2004 show A Night At The Music Hall, which also featured songstress Lorrie Brown and the harmonica players David and Pauline Conway.

Unfortunately, after this tour Danny's health deteriorated considerably, and Andy's next engagement with La Rue, a week of variety at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton in spring 2006 had to go ahead without its proposed top of the bill. Danny had felt up to the performance but shortly before the opening, he suffered a stroke and had to be replaced by Paul Shane.

A Night at the Music Hall, Wolverhampton 2006 - poster


Above: A Night at the Music Hall 2004, starring Danny La Rue, Andy Eastwood, Lorrie Brown, The Conways and Spencer K Gibbins

Below: 2003 co-stars Safire

Above: A Night at the Music Hall 2006, starring Rosemary Squires, Freddie Parrotface Davies, John Bouchier, Scott Fitzgerald, Andy Eastwood, Vizage and Duggie Chapman. Danny La Rue was replaced by Paul Shane.

Below: 2003 co-star Beryl Johnson


Illusionists Safire

Singer Beryl Johnson


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