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Beddoes 'Alan Randall' ukulele-banjo

Ron Beddoes 'Alan Randall' model Gibson UB3 copy, which needs a bit of attention.
It's currently playable and sounds fantastic actually, but the tension hoop has split and been very crudely repaired.
It needs a new hoop really.
The original hooks were replaced with some flat ones which were easier to fit to the repaired hoop but the originals are included.
There is some wear to the fingerboard but this doesn't seem to affect the playability.
I am letting this go for a low price to reflect the work that it needs.

Gibson copy ukulele-banjo - side

Gibson copy ukulele-banjo - front

Gibson copy ukulele-banjo - back

Gibson copy ukulele-banjo - back

Gibson copy ukulele-banjo - peghead

Gibson copy ukulele-banjo - frets



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